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I have achieved remarkable results with reset nutrition. My relationship with food has dramatically improved. Daniel has helped me to navigate through my weight loss journey and took the guess work out of a diet. I consider this a lifestyle change rather then a 8 week diet challenge. When it comes to loosing weight there is a lot of jargon out there. Daniel keeps it simple with easy to follow meal recipes. 

The meals options are taliored to the individual and plenty of variations. I started 111kg April 2021 and reached 89kg by April 2022. A loss of 22kg. I have recommended reset nutrition to friends and family, all whom have benefitted from his consultantion. Daniel is very helpful and accommodating with questions one may have. His online zoom sessions are effective and can fit around a busy schedule.


Thanks Daniel for your support through this journey!


- Mizan 2022

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I have always had a very active life. At 14 I took up boxing, which progressively led to running, weight lifting and most recently crossfit. I paid attention to what I ate, tried to eat my five fruit and veg a day, not too much junk food, but had never spent the time researching what my body needed. I was in good shape from my active lifestyle.


During the first year of the pandemic it was hard to maintain the same level of activity and I went on to put on 10% of my body weight, 8kg. Suddenly my clothes didn't fit me in the same way. I wanted to find someone who could help with my diet and weight loss, during a time when gyms, and sporting activities were cancelled. 


Daniel was recommended to me by another nutritionist I had e mailed, explaining the above. During our first consultation he quickly identified that I had always over eaten calories, but because I had exercised so much it balanced itself out. 


Daniels meal plans are quick and easy to follow, they didn't leave me feeling extremely hungry and most importantly they work! I wouldn't call them a diet, but more a lifestyle change. They also make shopping for food extremely easy as I already knew the meal I was going to make next. 


Daniel followed up regularly to check how I was getting on. Was fast to respond, and answered any questions I had thoroughly. At 34 I am now in the best shape of my life. I have recommended him to friends and family, and all have seen great results. I'm really glad I was put in touch with him. I can't recommend him highly enough.


London, UK

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Within just 3 weeks of working with Daniel and his nutrition diet I have lost 8kg. I feel healthier, fitter, faster and stronger than before!!


MMA fighter and actor, London, UK

So far I had a fantastic journey with Rest-nutrition.

I have been with them just  over 12 months and it's been remarkable journey. We've gone from 120 kg to 104 kg  without starving and having great meals I enjoyed!

I had the best consultations, great diet plans and Daniel has a lot of knowledge.

Living in Germany I can confirm these type of consultations are not cheap in Europe and Reset Nutrition has a very good price plan and very good service and amazing knowledge.  I highly recommend them and  I have recommended people in I know in Muscat, Holland and Germany their services.






Daniel is a kind and professional nutritionist. He takes time and care to understand my priorities,  lifestyle and habits. He set a personal plan for me that’s not only manageable but enjoyable. After following his plans for a few weeks, the health concerns I mentioned were greatly improved. I would recommend Daniel to anyone I know and love.


Scarlet M.


I am so grateful to Daniel. I have been battling my weight for as long as I can remember, so of course I have tried every diet in existence, losing 100 lbs 3 times so far in my life. Finally I started therapy and quit dieting and paying any attention to my weight. When I spoke to Daniel about my past he was completely understanding, he was able to change my perspective just by telling me his story. He sat with me and got a good understanding of my history before coming up with a comprehensive plan for how I nurture my mind & body. It’s only been a month and I have lost some weight but more importantly I learned so much about my body and what makes it feel good and what doesn’t. His plan was not restrictive and focused on what foods will be supportive for me rather than. Any restrictions. I’m still on my health journey but I feel I’m walking in the right direction thanks to Daniel.

Joy Y.


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